Immigration Law

Ensuring that your immigration status is legal is one of the most important issues when you plan to come to the U.S. The immigration landscape is particularly complex at the moment as there are many plans afoot to change U.S. immigration laws. A failure to comply with immigration laws can result in your business not being able to employ the people it wants, or your planned employees or family members being refused entry to the U.S.

We advise clients on the requirements for applying for visas, permanent residency status and U.S. citizenship. We guide them through the process, including collating the necessary information and filing the paperwork with the U.S. immigration services. We also advise businesses on the procedure for hiring foreign workers and investor visas, including helping existing multinationals who seek to increase value through diversity.

Lemoine & Lefebvre, LLP is proud to have helped numerous clients achieve their dreams of starting a business or joining their loved ones in the U.S.